Saturday, March 30, 2013

Disney Inspired Easter Eggs!

 Looking to put a little Disney magic in your Easter egg hunt this year? Check out these awesome Disney-themed eggs!  

Using temporary tats! So easy, it makes me wonder how I never thought of it before! 

Print and glue for these fancy eggs! So cute! I wouldn't want to hide them! 

Pretty Princesses! Using a paint pen! 

So so SO perfect!! <3 

Use a white crayon to color in these printable stencils, then dye! 

"Hey, we're is Perry?" Perfect way to start an egg hunt! :P 

Printable Stickers!! 

Wow, check out the details this person put into their Disney eggs!! If only I had that kind of time and talent! 

Or, if you would rather enjoy your eggs THIS was, here's a mickey shaped egg mold! I have one at home, it works on pancakes too! 


BONUS: If you can't be at the Disney parks for the holiday, here's a video to make up for what we've missed! 

Also, Billy wishes us a happy Easter too! His egg hunt is kind of lame in comparison , though! ;) 

Happy Easter, everyone! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Have you met Ole Billy?

Disney’s newest marketing campaign for Florida Residents! Ole Billy just wants to be part of our world!  

Hear what he has to say below!

Soo….thoughts? Honestly, I think it’s kind of cute! I’m really hoping that once they reach the amount of ‘shares’ needed, they will do some kind of cute tie in at the actual park.  I like the idea of giving this animatronic goat a personality and voice, but honestly I think I might have liked the idea better if it wasn’t just a marketing campaign. Like, if Disney (or even just a Disney fan) had decided to make a web series about Billy the Big Thunder Mountain Goat. I don’t know, just my two cents! 

Last Chance to Apply for Fall/Fall Advantage 2013!!

If you haven’t applied already, (which I doubt, since most of the people seeing this blog are probably DCP people!) hurry hurry hurry!! =) Join me and a ton of other fabulous people!

Click here to Apply!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

"About Me" Post

There are so many things I want to cover in the blog, I don’t even know where to begin!

     Ever since I was a baby, I’ve had this ‘thing’ with Disney. Sure, my family LIKED Disney. Probably just as much as any family in the early 90’s did, during the golden age of Disney animation. They bought me Disney toys, princess movies, sang Disney songs to me….but unlike other kids at the time, oh my god, I was ALL ABOUT it.  So we probably weren’t that ‘one Disney family every community has’ until I came along. According to my mom, one of my favorite words when I was a baby was ‘dee-dee’, which meant ‘Mickey’.  She said I could spot the familiar tri-circle symbol from a mile away. Keep in mind, this wasn’t any kind of creepy Disney-related cult brain washing. As I said before, my family liked Disney just about as much as anyone else at the time, it was like I was somehow born with a love for it!

    When I was four years old, my parents scraped together enough cash to fly us down to central Florida for my first Disney World vacation, and we have been hooked ever since. I don’t remember much from that trip, but from then on out, we were hooked. We had planned our next vacation before we were even off property.
     Ever since then, we have visited the parks at least once (but often more than once) a year. People ask me all the time if I ever get sick of it, and my answer is no. Every time I visit the park, I see something new that I’ve never experienced before.  Some people may find my love for Disney strange, but growing up, it’s always been a huge part of me, and always will be!

      I’m now a junior at Indiana University, studying Tourism Management. I will be embarking on a new Disney adventure in May, as apart of the Disney College Program! I will be doing food and beverage! I will be blogging about my DCP adventures, but also about Disney World itself. This blog will be news, articles, reviews, advice, history, memories, ‘Top Ten’ lists, opinions, and a little bit of ‘life’ as well. All from the perspective of someone who practically grew-up with a Disney State of Mind.

"Oh my god, she said the title in the post!" 

I hope you enjoy this blog, and see you real soon!


P.S: I’m new to Blogger, so bear with me! I’ll get the hang of it soon!!